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About Me.

I’m so happy that you have stumbled upon my page.  Chances are you are interested in the world of therapy.  I know it can be hard to get started, but I hope that if I share a bit about my journey that it will help ease some of those pre-therapy jitters.


My name is Gabriela Arroyo-Grynbal but you can call me Gaby, and I use she/her/ella pronouns.  


I was born and raised in Oakland, California 

in an immigrant household.  And like many, I was always searching to find where I fit in. 


I’ve always been passionate about connecting with my community, so I was constantly exploring different cultures, foods, music, and witnessing others stories to better understand the world and my relation to it.  I realized I’ve always been seeking to better understand others.  And through this, my love for people and their stories grew. 


I went on to receive my BA in Communication Studies at the University of San Francisco, and later received my MA in Counseling Psychology at Golden Gate University.  Which brings me to my current position as an associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I have a wonderful supervisor behind me who provides the support I need, to determine how to ultimately best support you. Please feel free to check out her page at

I have been working in the mental health field for several years now and through my experience, I have found a great love for the Narrative Therapy approach. While it is not the only approach I use, I find it to be a helpful and inclusive way to gain insight, understanding, and to explore new perspectives. For more information on Narrative Therapy and what it may look like in session, please check out my interview featured on PopSugar's article, "What Is Narrative Therapy? Techniques and Tips".


I used to think therapy wasn’t something for me. I had the common misunderstanding that therapy was only for those struggling with severe mental illness. As I learned more about myself and others, I found that almost everyone can benefit from having a dedicated space to feel heard, seen, and to reflect. Life is not easy and sometimes simply having a safe space to explore can make the world of a difference.  

My goal is to provide that safe space for you.


Let’s get started :)

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